Affairs of the world are, in many instances, less than ideal.

Would any world leader deny one of their own country’s sons or daughters who carries grace in their heart an existence of emotional content, regardless of temporal measures of riches or meagerness? That anyone chooses to build treasures, or not, is no basis for judgement of fault when their pursuits breed no harm or prejudice on another.

There is opportunity for fairness to present itself on a global level. This is possible only by example. You are the parent of your country and your children look at you to reference a path for themselves.

The dissension we know of, historically, is a clear sign that we have priorities to face.

I say to you that facing these is not sacrifice nor loss of purpose. It is a destiny that you can embrace. You’ll not be able to look away as the truth is around you. Welcoming truth is opening the gates of peace on earth.

There is no more time for loss.

Come to Mo’ore’a and see with your own eyes and hear with your own heart the truth, the Amuhau.